27 weeks and looking good!

I visited the doctor yesterday.  He wanted to see me even though it was a bit early for an appointment since we’ll be leaving this weekend.  The good news is that my cervix is tightly closed and everything looks normal.  He said the leg pain I’ve been experiencing off an on is related to the relaxing hormone that allows a woman’s hips to loosen up before delivery.  Because it is my third child, my body is just getting ready earlier.  Thankfully the pain is not unbearable or constant, but it is a new one with this third pregnancy.  I have reached the point in my pregnancy where they are now asking me if I am feeling plenty of movement.  The answer is a resounding “yes!”  In the last couple of weeks the baby has started doing what feels like jigs.  Some days the movements are so strong they are almost uncomfortable as the baby presses hard on my stomach.  But I’m glad that I have such a strong little child in there.  I had been asked when we started discovering Emma’s problems how much she had moved in the womb.  I felt at the time that she had moved quite a bit, but now in comparison to what I am feeling now, I think her movements were much less.  Though of course it is hard to remember.  The geneticist thinks that little movement could have contributed to Emma’s short cord, which made her delivery harder and longer.  So, if that is true, this baby has nothing to worry about in regards to cord length, unless the cord is too long.  🙂

I left the doctor’s office with a signed doctor’s note, giving me permission to fly and an appointment for as soon as we get back.  The doctor gave me instructions to call with any questions even though I’ll be in California, as he’d rather me ask first before going to an emergency room if there are any problems.

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