Glucose Test Results.

This morning I had an appointment to take the glucose test for pregnancy.  Basically this consists of drinking down in one sitting a small bottle of sugar water.  Actually I don’t know exactly what it is, but that is my best guess.  I chose the orange flavor and it basically tasted like orange pop without the fizz, so it wasn’t too bad.  The worst part of the test is that I couldn’t eat breakfast until the test was done, so I was pretty hungry.  I left for an hour after drinking the stuff, but couldn’t do anything categorized as exercise (I guess that would be cheating).  I was a little shaky, but actually not as bad as the last time I had to take this stuff.  When I returned they called me back after exactly one hour and took a small blood sample.  The idea is to see how well your body processes the sugar in that amount of time.  If it doesn’t do well, then you take another longer test to determine if you may have gestational diabetes.  I passed the test with a number of 115.  Anything under 140 is normal, so I think I did pretty good.  Since they were pricking my finger anyway, they also tested my hemoglobin level (to check if I am getting enough iron).  Since I was not very consistent with taking my prenatal vitamins on our trip I was not surprised to hear my number was 11.1.  If I remember right, they like to have the number above 12.  Earlier in the pregnancy when I was checked, it was 13 or 14, so I have really dropped.  This is actually quite normal for me to be low at this point in pregnancy, but I will try to get back on schedule with my vitamins and may even add a natural iron supplement in as well.  They did not seem worried, but I guess they may check it again at my next appointment to see if I brought it up.  I didn’t get to see the doctor today except in passing, but I have another appointment in two weeks.  I am 30 weeks today, meaning that I have just 10 more to go to my due date.

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  1. Ok, I have to say…I DON’T look forward to this appointment! 😛 With the first two, I was shaky also, but with Tyler…I came home and immediately threw it all up. UGH, YUCK! Sorry if that’s TMI everybody…but this is my least favorite visit!

    10 more weeks! That’s like 3 more visits to the doctor before the big day!! Yea!!


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