Size estimate of the baby.

I drove up to Sulphur Springs today to visit Lucy, my past midwife and my doula this time.  I took her a copy of my birth plan and we discussed anything pertaining to her part in the birth.  I am really excited that she plans on being there for my labor.  I’m really comfortable with her as she has been through two labors with me already.  As I was getting ready to leave, Lucy asked if she could feel the baby and of course I said yes.  She measured me as well because I told her the doctor never tells me what I’m measuring.  My uterus measures 38 cm right now.  The expectation is that the cm should coorespond to the number of weeks you are.  I am 36 weeks now, so that means I am measuring a bit ahead.  With Elise, I usually measured on time, with Emma I measured a bit behind towards the end.  So we can assume that this baby may be bigger.  Lucy also felt the baby and said she would guess that he/she is about 7 lbs. right now, which means if that were true I could easily give birth to a 9 lb. + baby if I go to my due date.  I try not to get caught up on size as there are a lot of factors involved as to how hard/easy a birth will be.  But I definitely would be fine with going a couple weeks early if the baby is ready to come.

Since yesterday’s appointment I have been really excited about everything.  The threat of postpartum depression has been pushed back in my mind and I have began to experience real joy at the prospect of meeting this little one.  All the excitement of whether it is a boy or a girl, when exactly labor will start, and how everything will go is all adding to my excitement.  I am sure some of this release of worry and stress is due to the prayers that many of you are praying for me.  Thank you so much.  I’m sure there may be some downs ahead, but for right now, I am feeling wonderful.

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  1. I’m glad you had a good visit with your midwife. I know how wonderful it feels to get that kind of care during pregnancy. I love it when they feel the baby and talk to you about how you’re feeling/thinking. I’m praying for you and the upcoming birth.


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