37 Week App.

Things looked good today at my doctor appointment.  I wasn’t there long, despite the fact that the waiting room was pretty crowded because of the holiday tomorrow.  The baby’s heartrate was 140 beats per minute.  My braxton hicks contractions have been picking up and getting stronger, but I told him I was pretty sure they weren’t labor contractions yet.  He said it is an advantage to having gone through it before that I pretty much know what labor feels like and don’t have to second-guess as much.  I told him my two worst complaints were having trouble sleeping due to heartburn or just not being able to get comfortable (which of course can’t really be helped at this point) and going numb in my arm and leg.  The numbness and tingling in my hands he said probably has to do with swelling.  My leg going numb could be due to a pinched nerve.  I asked him his opinion on chiropractor care for this problem and he said it was definitely worth a try.  So I will probably be trying to get an appointment later this week to see if that will help.

I’ve really been doing pretty good emotionally lately.  I’ve had some weepy days, and some days where I am just overall melancholy, but then some really good days as well.  Today was a good day.  I went on a walk (something my doctor advised for my emotional health as well as physical health).  It was a short one due to the hot weather, but it was good to get out and get some sunshine.  My next appointment is next Wednesday.  I don’t really see anything major happening before then, but you never know.

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  1. I keep checking for the blog that says you are on your way to the hospital or something 🙂 God bless!!


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