38 week app.

I am now two weeks from my due date and could feasibly go into labor at any time.  I had a regular check-up at the doctor today, and he says everything looks fine and it is basically just waiting for labor from this point on.  I have been experiencing contractions off and on the last few days, but they always peter out before getting any harder.  They are painless at this point, so at least they are not wearing me out.  I can usually sleep through them fine.  The baby’s heartrate was 140.  He/she has been moving around a lot lately, so that is good.  So other than that I am just waiting, slightly impatiently, for something to happen.  My doctor is out of town on Friday and Saturday, so he encouraged me to wait until next week (knowing of course that I really have no control over this.)

One thought on “38 week app.

  1. Just wanted to let you know that our whole family is praying for you as you day of delivery is NEAR! We know that God will be with you and will faithfully do all He has promised.


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