A good night, an OK morning.

Hello all,

Thank you for all your prayers, I think I am feeling them. Yesterday my anxiety started to subside mid-afternoon and I had a good time visiting with Becky, Laura, and my sister Bekah. By evening it began to return, so I don’t know if the good part of the day was due to the anti-depressant or perhaps to the prayers. I went to bed feeling very anxious. My mom came to spend the night and so she slept in the living room with Will and only came to get me when he needed to eat. My milk came in yesterday, so that meant that Will was able to go 3 hours between feedings vs. the 1 1/2 he was doing the night before. I thought I would be unable to sleep, but I guess I was so exhausted that my tiredness won over the nervousness. I slept between each feeding, and each time I woke up, I felt a little less anxious. I still feel very much behind on sleep and am still quite nervous this morning, but better than yesterday. I am also very physically sore this morning as well, so I will be trying to rest a lot today. I took my half a pill this morning so I am waiting to see how it affects me. Hopefully with less of the bad side effects and more of the good ones. You can pray for that. I also still feel like I am needing some company today, so if you have been wanting to stop by, please do. If I am resting, I will have John head you off at the door, or put a sign out so you do not need to feel afraid of waking me. I also enjoy receiving emails from anyone and will try and work on answering the ones I am behind on today. It is a way to “talk” to friends, so that is one outlet I am taking advantage of. I am a little sorry I will not be in church today as I can hardly wait to show off my little man, but I know that physically and emotionally it would be too much of a wear on me.

One thought on “A good night, an OK morning.

  1. Miriam….take it EASY, EASY, EASY! As you know, so many physical and hormonal things are happening to you right now. You must not be hard on yourself, thinking that you have to do this or that or be a certain way. God has made you to be exactly the way you are. He knows you are dust and knows exactly what you need. I know He will provide what is perfect for you. Get all the rest you can while you have your wonderful helpers. We pray that God will work through this medicine to take away your anxiety so that you can feel and think like yourself…and BE yourself! May God in His grace cause you to be able to cast all your cares on Him. Much love in Christ to all of you from far away!


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