Will's Hospital Picture.

If you’d like to see the picture the hospital took of Will go to:


There are four different pictures you can see there.

This afternoon, John and I decided we will take Will out to my parent’s house as I am doing much better at the moment. So, if you had been planning on stopping by, I’m sorry to mess that up. We’d still love to see you any time this week. I’m not sure what time we will be home this afternoon either, but probably not too late.

One thought on “Will's Hospital Picture.

  1. I may stop by tomorrow…I’ve got some Amish friendship bread for ya! Yumm! And lots of calories, I’m sure 🙂 But you need it nursing and all, right? haha…

    Your lil guy is SO cute. I love seeing ‘take home outfits’. I bet he gets chunky before you can believe it! Just a hunch 😉

    How’s Elise? I’ll be praying you and Will have a good night tonight. Sleep tight!


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