Baby news.

Sorry it has taken me so long to update. Today has been a hectic day. We took Will outside on the porch this morning for some “sunbathing” before we headed to the clinic for the bilirubin test. We didn’t get a phone call until later that his level is now 14, so he is improving. We are still encouraged to get him in the sun and keep nursing well. This afternoon Will has been nursing almost every hour, so I think we have that part under control.

As for me, I was much better today than I have been. Most of the day I have felt pretty close to normal with just a small twinge of nervousness left. I should be past the hump, though it makes me nervous to say that, hoping I won’t have another down. But for right now, I can look at our future without being overwhelmed. I know it will be awhile before we find what is normal around here, but I am not scared to work toward that point anymore. I actually spent some of my day doing some things that needed to be done, but I had not found time or energy to do before. I did several loads of laundry and cleaned my kitchen. It feels good to begin to be the manager of my home again. It will be awhile before I am completely on top of things (if I ever am), and I have realized that mentally I still feel very much behind. I’m sure the functioning on such little amounts of sleep will make me feel slow in my thinking for awhile.

Elise is home with us, and doing really well with the adjustments. I have had to tell her “don’t” several times today: i.e. “Don’t run next to Will,” “Don’t swing that by Will,” “Don’t throw things in the house, you might hit Will,” etc. If you ask her, she will tell you that Will is supposed to take care of her, and she is supposed to take care of him. Hopefully, they will both put that into practice eventually. 🙂

We had lots of visitors today, but I was still able to sneak in a short nap. It is amazing how our bodies adjust to such little sleep. John and I were both up until about 1:30 last night as Will was not cooperating with night-time schedule. My mom will be here again tonight, so we should get sleep, but I hope that she does as well.

Here are some pictures:

mommy&will.jpg monsterfeet.jpg elise&willclose-up.jpg elise&will.jpg elise&will2.jpg daddy&will.jpg willsleeping.jpg

2 thoughts on “Baby news.

  1. Yea! I’m glad he is doing better and you too! How did the test go? I remember doing that with Landon…he screamed and I just wanted to scoop him up and take him away. You’ve been through so much more, maybe a prick in the foot wasn’t so bad 😦 I think nursing does more than the sunlight sometimes b/c Landon was born in November…brrr! We tried to set him infront of a window at the house w/ a onsie on, but it was so cold…I felt sorry for the lil guy. Seems like, if I remember right, it took a couple weeks or more for all of the ‘oranginess’ to go away…they just look nicely tanned for a while 🙂 Let me know if there is anything I can do!


  2. I’m so thankful to God that your medicine seems to really be kicking in for you and that things seem more “normal” around your house. Elise certainly looks like she loves her little brother VERY much!! I’m sure she will continue to be a big helper for you. I’m glad you are getting some grown-up help too. You and John need all the rest you can get. We continue to pray daily for your family. Thanks for the updates.


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