Baby update, August 14, 2007.

Well, I thought it was time to update on how we are doing. Will is almost 4 weeks old and growing bigger every day. He is starting to get past his newborn phase of sleeping almost constantly, meaning he is awake more. Unfortunately he is also grumpy sometimes too. He tends to have a fussy period most evening before bed, but once we get him to go to sleep he will usually sleep fairly well between feedings. Some nights are hard though, with Will not wanting to go back to sleep in his cradle. After his 6 am feed he won’t ever go back to sleep in his cradle, but will sleep if I keep him with me. But even then he grunts continuously as if he is uncomfortable. But after his next feed he acts fine, so I’m not sure why certain times of the day he doesn’t seem to feel well, but I believe it is fairly normal. Physically he is quite strong. When he is awake and happy he will lift his head all by himself and look around. He loves to look at ceilings for some reason, and every once in awhile will flash mommy a concious smile.
Elise seems to be adjusting well, though she has some impatience when she would like me to do something and I am busy with Will. She spends a lot of time on the computer as that is my back-up for now to keep her busy while I try to get a little rest in the afternoons. She is excited about our schedule changes in the next few weeks as the fall activities start up. I am just hoping I have enough energy by them to keep up with her busy schedule.
I am doing alright emotionally, though it depends on how much sleep I get. If I don’t get enough at night or miss my nap during the day, I get a bit overwhelmed with life. This week I am dealing with the beginnings of a breastfeeding infection and that has made me quite miserable yesterday and this morning when I woke up. I sent Elise home with John’s mom, so I could sleep more today and I am feeling a bit better now. Will was extra grumpy yesterday too, so we’ll see how he does today. I can not wait until Will decides he can go a longer stretch at night so that I can wake up somewhat refreshed in the morning rather than exhausted.

Here are some pictures so that you can see how chubby Will has gotten. There are also a couple with John’s grandma Lein who visited at the beginning of August.

greatgrandma.jpg greatgrandma&will.jpg sleepingonshoulder.jpg tummytime.jpg will&eliseposing.jpg willmouthopen.jpg willfullshot.jpg