New Pictures.

I thought you all would enjoy some updated pictures. Here is Will discovering the joys of toys:

will&toys4.jpg will&toys3.jpg happywill.jpg

Here he is on a recent trip to the Koala park:

sleepinginstroller.jpg thinkinginstroller.jpg

One of these is a little blurry, but I wanted to show off how strong he is:

liftingheadhigh.jpg boppytummytime.jpg

Here he is getting to know GG (Great Grandma Garman):


And in case you are in doubt about the red hair, take a look at this:


Will is 6 weeks old today:

6weeksold.jpg 6weekthinking.jpg

And here is a picture Elise took of me and Will and one of Elise:

mommy&will2.jpg elisebigsmile.jpg

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