Portfolio of smiles.

I realized after I posted yesterday that I hadn’t said much about how we are doing. We are all doing really well emotionally, physically, and mentally. I usually can get a long nap in the afternoon, and Will is only waking once at night, so that gives me two decent chunks of sleep at night. We use his swing a lot for naps and sometimes at night too:


Last night he slept a long time both before and after his feeding and woke up really happy. He was all smiles, so I thought I’d take the chance to see if I could catch any of them on camera. He smiles at people a lot, but it is not alway easy to catch them in a picture. But this morning he was very obliging:

willsmiling.jpg tonguesmile.jpg profilesmile.jpg halfsmile.jpg

One thought on “Portfolio of smiles.

  1. HI! He is truly a handsome little boy! His hair is getting more and more red! It looks good on him.:) Many blessing to you and Will.
    Laura M.


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