Elise's First Day of Dance.

firstdayofdancecloseup.jpg firstdayofdance2.jpg

Elise began dance lessons today. She is in the preschool jazz and tap class at Rythm & Shoes in Tontitown. Here she is in her ballet shoes for jazz. She told me after the class that it was a lot of fun. When I asked which was her favorite part, she said “all of it!” I was watching the class through a one-way glass window and was impressed that she did not lose interest the whole time. She went right into class too, without even a hesitation or asking me to come with her. She listened fairly well to the teacher and tried her best to do everything that was asked. I was quite impressed. Even if she proves not to be gifted at dance, the good it will do for her social skills will be worth it. I’ll try to take my camera and get some pictures of her in class next week.

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