Will is 2 months old!

We spent all morning at the doctor’s today getting Will’s 2 month well child check-up (including shots, ugh!).  First off, Will really is huge!  He weighed 14 lbs. 14 oz., which means he has been gaining at a rate of about 11 oz. a week.  He was 25.25 in. long, a growth of almost 4 inches since birth.  John mentioned the other day that he looks big enough to be crawling around.  No wonder, he weighs the same as Elise did at 8 months old, right before she started walking!  He’s also only an inch and quarter shorter than she was at that age.  OK, so I know it is not fair just to compare to Elise, who has always been on the petite side, so I also looked up his weight and height on the official growth charts.  He is just over the 97th percentile for weight and length.  But he is well proportioned as he is in the 50th percentile in comparing weight and length.

The doctor encouraged adding a bit more schedule into his day as he is old enough to be trained now.  This would include setting a regular bedtime for him.  He said I was welcome to let him cry through his wakings in the night if I wanted as he doesn’t need the food, and if I let them continue he will get in the habit of waking at night.  The night-time wakings would be the easiest to let him cry, except for the fact that it keeps both John and I up.  But because he sleeps best at night anyway, he’d probably be more likely to go back to sleep quicker, and then perhaps the training would help him cry to sleep for naptimes as well.   We’ll see.

He received his shots and we discussed the use of the  chicken pox vaccine, which Will wouldn’t receive until he is over 12 months of age, but Elise did get and will now need a booster at her next set of shots.  I am considering skipping Will’s first vaccination of chicken pox with the hopes that we can let him get it naturally and therefore not need any boosters.  The doctor is thinking the boosters will have to be given throughout their life once they start getting the vaccine unless they get it naturally.  Anyway, I have some time to think about it, it just came up because Elise will be getting her booster shots at Will’s next appointment, a fact that caused me to end up having two crying children in the doctor’s office today.  🙂

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    I never really got to congratulate you guys…so congratulations! Im glad the will is doing well! Hows the rest of life going?



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