Dance class photos.


Doesn’t this look like the most girly thing you’ve ever seen?  Elise is still loving dance class and improving each time.

danceclass.jpg handsonhips.jpg handsonhips2.jpg

She is also enjoying school.  Even her numbers, which she sometimes gets frustrated with, are improving.  Today, she wrote out her numbers to 30 with barely any hesitation.  When she made one mistake, she merely said “oops” and corrected it, which if you know Elise, you know that is a huge accomplishment.  Then, on the way home from dance, I heard her in the backseat counting.  I asked her what she was counting, and she said trees.  She counted to 49 and then asked me what was next.  She kept going, merely pausing at each new ten.  Eventually she reached 100!  Anyway, I’m quite encouraged as the whole counting past twenty thing seemed to click with her today.  Oh, and she also read a very short story today called Fat Cat, Fat Rat.

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  1. Oh my…she’s so cute! Isn’t it fun when they all-of-a-sudden catch on to things and are learning so quickly, to watch their eyes light up when they realize they got it right… Homeschool is so fun!


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