Misc. pics and news.

Well, I had some pictures to share and thought I’d also add any news from here.  We are well into preparations for Megan’s (John’s sister) wedding in a month.  I am making Elise’s flower girl dress and it is coming along nicely.  Then I have to start my bridesmaid dress.  This week was hectic, as you saw from my last post.  We had a great trip to Branson though.  We spent the night Tuesday in A-frame cabins near Silver Dollar City.  Then we spent Wednesday enjoying Silver Dollar City.  Elise was up late Tuesday and I was not sure what to expect of her behavior Wednesday.  I am proud to report that she was wonderful!  That is until we told her it was time to go.  Then she had one of the biggest meltdowns ever!  But that was to be expected, and I was proud of her for going the whole day without a nap and still being able to be cheerful until the end of it.  Here are a couple pictures of Will enjoying Silver Dollar City.  He was good too.  🙂 (Except when I deserted him for a bit too long and returned to find him giving Nana a hard time because he was “starving.”)  Notice in the first picture how he is able to clasp his hands in front.  He does that a lot along with putting them in his mouth as well.
clasping-hands1.jpg sleepingatsdc.jpg

Last week Elise, Will, and I went to Renalli Farms in Tontitown to their “pumpkin patch.”  This was with the Mothering Matters women and kids.  I’ve included a few pictures I took there.  I was able to get all three of us, which is rare.  I was so happy I had Elise sitting nicely holding Will on the ground.  Unfortunately the picture perfect moment came to an abrupt end when Elise realized there were Daddy Long Legs near her.  She “tossed” Will headfirst and jumped up.  Thankfully the photographer caught Will’s head one handed before he did a face plant.  Will was unhurt and unphased, so it was quite funny.  The friend in the last picture is a girl a year younger than Elise, but who plays well with her as they enjoy doing the same things.

pumpkinsall3.jpg  pumpkinscloseup.jpg elise&lilybyscarecrow.jpg