Update on illnesses.

OK, shortly after I posted I got a call back from the doctor’s office saying the doctor wanted to check Will out this morning.  So I made some phone calls trying to find someone to stay with Elise.  I found out that ours is not the only house with sickness in it right now.  Nana (John’s mom) said she’d come and sit with her as she was already not feeling too well herself, so she wouldn’t have to worry about getting it from Elise.  Now that I’m back from the doctor Elise seems to be feeling better and hasn’t thrown up since before I left.  She is keeping 7-up down.  She’s lying in the couch watching cartoons still, and I’m hoping she’ll drift off to sleep in a awhile.

The good news about Will is he is not infected.  This being the first time I’ve had a baby boy, there was some more explanation needed as to how to clean him properly.  (blush)  Anyway, I understand better what I was doing wrong, and Will just needs some vaseline for the next few days to help the irritation to get better.  So that is good news.

Will weighs 16 lbs. 6 oz., by the way.  So he’s gained a little over a pound in the last month, which keeps him pretty much in the same percentile he was before.
Well, I’m off to do some sewing now.  Of course now it is almost lunchtime.  And then I’ll need a nap . . .  Hopefully I will get some sewing done today.

One thought on “Update on illnesses.

  1. Your welcome for the 7-up! It’s the least I can do. After last week with all 3 of my girls sick, I can totally relate. I’ll be praying God covers you, John, and Will from this bug! That’s great it was something simple with Will. I guess I’ll be asking advice on how to clean a little boy, if I ever have one. I never would have thought that was the problem!:) Good Luck with your sewing! I’m here if you need anything!:)
    Laura M.


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