Growing bigger!

Elise said the other day that she wished Will were big.  She meant, of course, big enough to crawl and play with her, but little does she know how big he really is.  He is wearing clothes that Elise wore when she was walking.  Today I squeezed him into a pair of 3-6 month overalls and thought they looked a bit tight.  Later when I changed his clothes because his diaper had leaked I put on a 6-9 month outfit.  It fit perfectly!  John and I also put up his crib today since he was starting to seem too big for the cradle.  He loves it.  He kept kicking his legs to make himself bounce and staring at the bumper pad.  Of course, now he is screaming because I left him down there to see if he’d take a nap, and he didn’t like that idea.  😦  Anyway, here are some pictures of him in his 6-9 month outfit enjoying his new big boy crib.  Now I just got to figure out what I’m going to do with all the 6-9 month summer outfits that people gave me.

smilingincrib.jpg sidewayscloseup.jpg newcrib1.jpg