Halloween 2007.

It is November now!!!  Wow!  I keep telling people Will is 3 months old and today I realized he is more like 3 1/2 months old.  Technically he should be approaching his first big milestone–turning over.  He is most definitely in size 6-9 months.  I keep trying to fit him into 3-6 month clothes only to have legs and arms and tummies sticking out.  I tried on his outfit for the wedding today.  I would wait to post it so people wouldn’t see it before the wedding, but there is the slight possibility that it will no longer fit him in two weeks time.  And to think I was worried it would be too big.  So here is a picture in case he grows out of it:


I’m not sure how long the bow tie will last.  It barely clips on because the shirt is so tight and Will thinks it’s fun to pull it off.  He doesn’t seem to mind hats though.  Yesterday he dressed up as a pea for Halloween complete with stem hat.  Unfortunately I did not get pictures; I will have to put their costumes back on and get pictures sometime.  Elise was a princess and Will was a pea pod.  So we decided they would be the “Princess and the Pea.”  Here are some pictures of Elise’s jack-o-lantern.  It is tradition that she does this with Daddy each year.  Since we got such an expensive pumpkin this year (Elise wanted this color instead of orange), I am going to try to get double duty out of it and make it into a pie.

finishedjackolantern.jpg litjackolantern.jpg

We are doing well, though I have to admit I am feeling a bit overwhelmed still.  I have recently weaned off my anti-depressants, so I would appreciate your prayers that I will do fine without them.  I am a bit more moody, but otherwise am doing all right.  I am stressed, but I think that is because of our hectic life right now.  I was feeling cooped up today since we have been stuck inside sewing and living life and missing the nice weather.  So we “escaped” today.  Elise was off from dance class this week for fall break, and so we ran errands this morning and spent lunchtime at Laura’s house.  Elise got to play outside once it warmed up and I got some much needed friend time.  Will’s down for a nap now, so I have some stuff to get ready for Mothering Matters tomorrow and then I’m going to try to get the sleeves put on my dress.