General update.

Hello all.

We’ve had a busy weekend, but Megan (John’s sister) and Doug are married and off on their honeymoon.  The wedding went very smoothly and was beautiful.  Many of you were probably there.  For those of you that weren’t, John was a photographer for the wedding, so I’ll see if I can steal a few photos to post.  Elise was a flowergirl and I was a bridesmaid.  Will’s job was to just look cute, which he accomplished quite well.  I hadn’t realized how little I would be able to take care of him that day.  But thankfully my mom helped by making sure he was clean, dressed, and fed.  He took a total of 3 bottles, the most he’s ever had in a day, but didn’t complain too much about that.

I was encouraged during the women’s retreat to declutter my house and life.  So this week, Elise and I are starting a new stricter schedule.  I figured it would be a good week to start since we only have to stick to it 3 days before we take off again for Thanksgiving.  Of course we are already off schedule.  I’m not complaining though, because the reason is that Will just decided to sleep later for his nap than I expected.  I am just now hearing him begin to wake up and he’s been asleep for over an hour!  As far as naptimes go, I have had a much easier time the last couple of days getting him to take naps himself, so perhaps we are entering a new phase.

Other things we are putting into our schedule are: cleaning (including a small list of chores just for Elise), exercise (I forgot I was supposed to get up early to do that this morning, but in the future I plan on getting up before the kids and working out), preschool, craft time for both Elise and I, “passion” time for me (This is something I decided to put in after the women’s retreat, which talked about doing what you are passionate about, for me it will eventually be writing a book, but I must first start with taking the time to get some deeper cleaning done so that I can do the writing with a free mind), free time, and of course naptimes for all of us.

Well, since Will is awake, I need to now go and feed him.  Keep an eye out for pictures of the wedding.