New research project-Family Resemblance.

OK, just for fun I have started a new research project on family resemblance.  It is really interesting to me to take specific features and compare them with those from other family members.  I have learned several things about our family’s eyes and noses.  I have gotten so into it that I’ve decided to take some better pictures to get better focus on the features and similar lighting, etc.  But just to share with you one of the most interesting things I learned take a look at the eyes below.


Can you figure out who each set belongs to?  Notice the similarities in the first two eye shapes.   Those are Elise’s eyes and mine.  Now notice the similar eye shape between the next two.  Aren’t they handsome!  Those are John’s and Will’s.  The last set of eyes belong to Emma.  I was surprised and pleased to see that the shape of her eyes match Will’s and that this eye shape comes from John, which in turn comes from John’s mom (Nana).  I am also pleased to see that she shares a tiny bit of my eye characteristics below her eyes.  (Notice the lovely “sagginess” for lack of a better word.  That comes from my Mom (Grandma).  Elise also gets her dark lashes and eyebrows from the Lein family (you can see them in Mark and Megan’s coloring).

This may not fascinate you as much as it does me, but hopefully you can see the same things I do.  The thing I discovered that meant the most to me was that by looking at Will’s eyes I can see just a little bit of Emma there.  I hadn’t seen it before (and because he’s so chubby his eyes appear a lot smaller than hers, but the likeness is there).