Will’s first meal.

Well, not really his first meal, but the first one that involved a spoon.  He’s been unhappy at mealtimes unless he can sit in my lap.  And then he started grabbing my food.  Yesterday he succeeded in getting his fingers coated in sugar and then found out that he REALLY liked that!  I decided we needed to do something just to keep him busy during mealtimes.  I bought some rice cereal today and borrowed a high chair from my friend Laura.  He loves the high chair, but wasn’t too sure about the cereal.  I’ve posted several pictures so you can follow along with the experience.
firstmeal1.jpg “Oh, are we on camera?  I was just checking for sugar.”

firstmeal2.jpg “What’s up Daddy?”

firstmeal3.jpg “What’s all the excitement about?”

firstmeal4.jpg “Oh food!  I’ll take that. . . ”

firstmeal5.jpg “Eew!!! What in the world is that supposed to be?”
firstmeal6.jpg “Never mind, I don’t think I’ll eat after all.”

firstmeal7.jpg “Well, maybe just one more bite . . .”

firstmeal8.jpg “I don’t know about that other stuff, but this bib tastes great.”

firstmeal9.jpg “Look, Mom, I wiped my face clean.”

firstmeal10.jpg “Hi there!  Aren’t I cute?”

firstmeal11.jpg “Yep, this bib is great.  How come you don’t put these on me all the time?”

firstmeal12.jpg “Oh, you’re still taking pictures?  Here’s a smile. Bet you think I can’t smile any bigger, huh?”

firstmeal13.jpg “Ha ha, fooled you!”

firstmeal14.jpg “What!  There’s more?”

firstmeal15.jpg “Mom!  You’re taking pictures of this?”

firstmeal16.jpg “Hey, I’ll take over here.”

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