Will’s doctor appointment and child development.

We went to the doctor yesterday at 3:30 for Will’s cold.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics for him because of the color of mucous in his nose.  Thankfully he didn’t think his lungs sounded bad yet, and didn’t seem worried about the cold at all.  He checked ears and throat as well, but didn’t mention that there was anything of concern there.  I have the same cold, and now I am wondering if I should have asked for antibiotics as well.  I am having trouble shaking it.  It makes me just sick enough that I don’t feel like doing much, but not sick enough to stay in bed, if you know what I mean.

On a side note, Will now weighs 17 lbs. 4 oz.  He has gained 4 oz. in the last month.  We measured his length at home the other day and I think he is about 28 in. long, which means he has grown 2 whole inches in the last month!  No wonder he is growing out of his 6-9 month clothes despite the fact that his weight gain has slowed down quite a bit.   He fits into some 12 month clothes now and he is only 5 months old.  I checked the development charts and he is still 97th percentile for height, but his slowed weight gain has dropped him closer to the 50th percentile.  I don’t know what the doctor’s will think about that at his next well child exam.  I know that Elise did the same thing, though probably earlier than Will has (starting out high on the charts and then dropping drastically).  He (as was she) is obviously healthy and strong.  He doesn’t roll over still.  Well, he technically CAN roll over (he’s done it twice), but apparently doesn’t have a desire too.  He doesn’t spend nearly as much time on the floor as Elise used to do though.  He can now push up on his hands and has the strength to sit up, just not the balance yet.  He’ll sit well while being supported, such as in a shopping cart or high chair.  He can also stand if balanced by someone.  So he is definitely strong enough for his age.  I imagine the rolling over will come soon enough, instead he seems to be concentrating on hand and eye coordination.  He’s getting very good at grasping objects, often things he is not supposed to be grabbing.  He is quite the little gentleman though.  The other day while shopping with me at Wal-Mart, he reached out of the sling I had him in and placed his hand on the cart as if he were helping me push.  Then when I carried the bags in from the car, he reached down and grabbed them as well, not to put them in his mouth as he usually does, but held them just like mommy as if he were helping to bring them in.

Well, enough bragging about Will.  I guess I should brag about Elise as well.  Despite the many 4 year old issues we are dealing with (mainly arguing, throwing fits, and just plain not reacting well to things she doesn’t like) she is doing really well in her other developments.  We haven’t kept up with school over the holidays, but will start again in a couple weeks.  Before we stopped, she was doing much better with her numbers and had started reading 3 letter words really well.  She loves reading and that is usually the subject she requests to do before anything else.  Her hand eye coordination is also developing well.  Playing the wii probably has helped that, as well as dance class.  She still loves dance and follows instructions very well in class.  On a plus note, I’ve never had a discipline issue with her while at dance class.  At least not a major one.  She seems to thrive there and is really interested in learning what she is supposed to.  She turns 5 in another month; it doesn’t seem possible that we have been parents for 5 whole years.   And then again, sometimes it feels much longer than that.