Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Leins.  We hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as we did.


We have reworked our daily schedule to reflect Will’s new longer naps.  Thankfully he is sleeping in longer chunks making my days seem much less interrupted.  I have added back in exercising, which hadn’t lasted very long when I originally put it in.  🙂  We of course have time for preschool and now piano time for both Elise and I.  Will has his own playtimes as well as specific playtimes alone with Mommy, Elise and Daddy.  Elise loves to play with Will, so I sometimes recruit her to entertain him when I have something important to get done.  We’ve put one specific playtime right into the schedule for the two of them together.  We’ll start this brand new schedule next week.

saucer8.jpg saucer2.jpg