Our first ear infection.

Actually it is not OUR first ear infection.  John and I have had quite a few between the two of us as children.  But for our children this is the first ear infection we’ve dealt with.  I took Will back to the doctor today as he has been still running a low grade temperature off and on.  He also hasn’t been eating or sleeping as well as usual.  I debated back and forth on whether it was worth taking him, but decided to go ahead and go today.  I was totally expecting to be told nothing was wrong.  But apparently he shows signs of infection in one of his ears.  He didn’t a couple weeks ago when I originally took him in.  Since he had finished his batch of antibiotics, we were prescribed another kind to see if it will get rid of the ear infection.

The interesting thing is this seems to explain a lot of the little symptoms I’ve noticed but was unable to tie together.  This is possibly why he’s been waking in the night and not finishing his naps.  Most likely this is why sometimes he is not interested in nursing and even wimpers while swallowing.  And this would explain his slight grumpiness that was annoying me, but not necessarily enough to attribute it entirely to sickness.  He’s actually been quite good for having an ear infection, so perhaps we caught it before it got too painful.  Of course he is crying right now, so we’ll see how tonight goes.  I just gave him some tylenol to see if that will help him sleep better.