Sitting up! and other news.

Will can now sit up.  Here’s some pictures of him doing just that.
toothsmile.jpg sittingsweetlook.jpg felldown.jpg  Oops, he fell down.  (That’s what the pillows are for.)

Notice his two little teeth when he smiles.  Isn’t he cute?

This is what he does when you lay him down.  He would much rather sit up.


He will be 6 months old in a couple days and I think he’s the handsomest little boy in the world.


Health update:  Will is over his ear infection.  He has been really fussy today though, so I wonder if he is cutting another tooth.  Elise is now sick.  She has been having a headache and off an on complaining of her ears hurting.  😦  She missed dance today for the first time.  Here’s a picture of her sick today.


And here’s a picture of her normally happy self with one of her friends.


One thought on “Sitting up! and other news.

  1. What beautiful, beautiful children you have! And yes, Will is the handsomest little boy in the world. If we have a grandson someday, however, all bets are off! May God continue to bless you through these little ones and may you in turn be His instrument of grace to them. You and John are doing an AMAZING job!



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