Will’s 6 month well child exam.

It was nice going to the doctor today with just one kid.  Thank you Laura for taking Elise even though it was right in the middle of naptime.  🙂

Here’s the update on Will’s health:

-Height:  still growing.  He’s up to 27 1/2 in. tall.  That is around the 90th percentile.

-Weight: Unfortunately, Will is not doing as well on weight gain as he had been.  I knew that he had been dropping on the growth chart, but he had at least still been gaining.  Today he weighed in at 17 lbs. 6 oz, which is a 5 oz. drop from a week ago.  The doctor pulled up his growth chart and said that he is in a consistent drop on the chart, and he would like to see him at least stick in the same percentile.  Now for those of you who have seen Will lately, you will know that he is still as chubby as can be.  He places in the 50th percentile right now, so don’t worry about him too much.

-Feeding issues:  Now, the reason for the weight gain drop.  Most likely this has to do with some issues we’ve been having with nursing lately.  Will has not acted satisfied with just breastfeeding.  We’ve started some solids, and he likes some of those (though not cereal!).  There have been a couple times in the last few days that I have actually given Will a bottle because he still seemed hungry after a feeding and he drank the whole thing.  I even tried formula for the first time yesterday, and he will take that just fine.  After discussing things with the doctor today I have decided that we will continue breastfeeding, but will supplement after nursing sessions with a few ounces of breastmilk or formula.  This hopefully will be a temporary thing, but I am prepared that we may be on our way to weaning from nursing.  I’m sad about that, but hate to think of Will as being hungry.

-Sleeping struggles:  We had been having some issues with Will waking again at night, but he is finally sleeping 12 hours straight again.  I think the ear infection was probably to blame for some of the wake times.  He is not napping well in the afternoons though.  The doctor says that some babies do not have as much of a need to nap if they are happy and content in the afternoons, but Will I think still shows he needs a nap, he just doesn’t seem willing to take one easily.  If he is tired, there is no problem with just putting him down for a scheduled naptime and letting him cry the whole time according to the doctor.  So that takes some of the stress off of me.  We’ll just try to stick a little better to a schedule so Will knows when naptime is and then he can decide if he’s actually going to sleep or not.

-Milestones:  Despite the fact that Will seems to have skipped the milestone of rolling over, he met the sitting up one without a problem.  He also babbles like a normal 6 month old.  (Although today in the Dr.’s office he was quieter than usual and I realized what a difference it makes when I have both kids and they compete with each other).  Other things we are supposed to look for in the near future are switching things from hand to hand, turning to his name, and picking things up with finger and thumb.

-Misc. items:  I had the doctor take a look at Will’s feet.  He tends to have feet that are mottled and blue in color and his hands are often the same color.  The doctor says this is not usually normal, but doesn’t necessarily mean there is an issue.  He checked his pulses on all extremities and says they are all normal and strong.  He says we’ll wait until warmer weather to see if the problem resolves itself when his feet are warm rather than cold.

-Shots:  Will was due for two shots, but one of them is back-ordered, so he only got one.  Maybe that is better anyway, since the doctor says this will be a tough one (fever and grumpiness will ensue).  Will came home zoned out and is now sleeping soundly.