Misc. update and photos.

Well, we are still getting used to supplementing with bottles after nursing, but I am starting to see a pattern on the days that I can stick to schedule.  He seems to be nursing better overall though, or perhaps I am just less frustrated.  🙂

He is sitting better each day.  Here he is this morning playing on Elise’s room.  Elise was enjoying sharing her toys with him.  We’ll see if that lasts. . .

bigboywithtoys2.jpg elise&willinroom2.jpg suckingoncar3.jpg

On Sunday he was dedicated.  Our church’s ceremony is a chance for the parents, grandparents, other family members, and members of the church to publicly commit to raise the child in the Lord.  Left to right: Miriam with Will, John, Elise, John’s Dad and Mom, and my Mom and Dad.
dedication10.jpg dedication7.jpg

Will enjoys all his family members.  A couple weeks ago he spent some time with Pop watching football:


Today, Aunt Hannah came to watch the kids for a couple hours.  We are going to start this once a week to give me some non-interrupted time to get some much needed things done.  It was wonderful today!  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t have to worry about stopping right after you get started.

hannaheliseandwill2.jpg hannahholdingwill.jpg

We finally found something besides bananas and avocados that Will likes!  Sweet potatoes!  Yummy!  Somehow this is the messiest thing I’ve fed him so far.

Well, that is all the news as far as Will is concerned.  Elise is doing well, though we are still struggling with some discipline issues and acting out.  She also has some odd worries associated with her 5th birthday coming up.  She told me the other day that she didn’t want to turn 5, although when asked she did indeed want a party.  The only explanation I could get from her was that she didn’t want to be as big as one of her friends.  This girl is quite a bit taller than her and is also losing teeth (perhaps that is a worry for Elise?).  She was partially reassured when I explained to her that changes like growth don’t happen overnight.  I think she somehow thought that she’d wake up on her birthday and be suddenly bigger.  With more digging I discovered that she seemed to think she’d have to stop some of her activities as well.  We had talked about all the changes that would happen when she turned 5, like going to Sparkies, and she was afraid she’d have to start them right away.  I assured her she would finish Cubbies first, and that when she did go to Sparkies, her friends would be going with her.  I also reminded her the other good things that would happen once she was 5 (though again not right away) like going to ballet, something she’s really been looking forward to.  Anyway, if you think about it, pray for her birthday party this Saturday.  She gets overwhelmed and at risk for meltdowns in large groups of people, so I’m not sure what to expect with all the kids over here for her birthday.  Hopefully she won’t crash until the party is done.