Will’s growth rate.

I took Will in for a weight check today to monitor his weight gain and make sure that we don’t need to take any more steps to assure a healthy growth rate.  He weighed 18 lbs. 2 1/2 oz, which is a weight gain of 12 1/2 oz. in the last three weeks.  A rate of 4 oz. a week is considered more than adequate, and it effectively keeps him in the 50th percentile for weight.  I measured his length myself and he is about 28 1/2 in. long, meaning he’s grown an inch in the last 3 weeks.  His length rate of growth seems to be settling into the 90th percentile.  I’m completely satisfied with these numbers.  Will seems happy and healthy and is eating much better than he was 3 weeks ago.  He is nursing better, gets an average of two bottles of formula a day as well, and has recently moved up to two solid meals a day.  He is finally accepting more foods than just banana, so his solid meals have much more variety.  He likes peaches, pears (if mixed with peaches), yogurt (if mixed with fruit and slightly sweetened), sweet potatoes, bananas, and avocado (if mixed with something).  I’ve also managed to sneak in a little bit of cereal unnoticed into one of his meals, so I might be able to keep doing that as well.

He is getting much more mobile, though not crawling yet.  He’ll readily get down from a sitting position onto his back or stomach, and is rolling more frequently onto his stomach from his back.  He also has figured out how to get back to his back, though he doesn’t do that as often.  He walks himself around in a circle on his hands as well, so with these combinations of movements he can move a couple feet of distance and face about any direction he wants.  It is fun to see where he ends up now when I put him down, but also means my floors need to remain a little bit cleaner as he is also beginning to develop more finger control of small hard to see objects.  🙂

Here’s some pictures of him today.  He somehow worked his seat loose from the saucer and when I looked over at him he was all but disappearing into the seat.  We are quickly approaching the stage of constant vigilance!  (In the second picture he is making his signature screaming sound.)
willdisappearingtricksmile.jpg willscreaming2.jpg