Hilton Head Island.

I know this is incredibly late, but I finally had time to post some pictures from our vacation in Hilton Head Island.

081_81_081_081.gif 077_77_077_077.gif 079_79_079_079.gif

We were there for a week and stayed in a really nice vacation rental house.  Here are some of us sitting on the back porch watching deer come forage in the neighbor’s yard.  As they watched they realized why these deer waited in the yard so patiently.  Someone finally came out of the house and fed them!  And then here’s a picture of our entire group on the front steps.
104_104_104_104.gif 020_20_020_020.gif
We were within walking distance (or a very short bike ride of the beach).  The bikes were wonderful as even Elise and Will could ride along.  Everyone enjoyed the beach.  Where else can you crawl around in sand in your pajamas, eat sand, make huge sand castles, play in a pool you make yourself, and chase early morning seagulls.  The “big” kids also enjoyed playing beach soccer and swimming in the ocean.  Though the one day that almost everyone got into the ocean, they all came back out pretty quickly when someone felt a fin glide past their leg.  🙂

018_18_018_018_2.gif  024_24_024_024_2.gif 026_26_026_026_2.gif 178_178_178_178.gif 171_171_171_171.gif 011_11_011_011.gif 049_49_049_049_2.gif 058_58_058_058.gif 056_56_056_056_2.gif 046_46_046_046_2.gif 041_41_041_041.gif 045_45_045_045.gif 033_33_033_033.gif 

Lots of other exciting things happened as well.  Will learned how to crawl.  We took lots of bike rides to shopping centers (and even met some talking parrots).  John, Herbie, and our friend Lay went deep-sea fishing.  Some of us even took a day trip to the beautiful Savannah, Georgia.  It was a great relaxing trip and a great time with family and friends.

003_3_003_003_2.gif 150_150_150_150.gif

All pictures taken by Hannah Miller.

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