Introducing: “The Baby Habit”

I know I have not been updating as much as I should, but I do have a good reason.  John and I have been working night and day on our new business.  The Baby Habit is now open online at and downtown on  Broadway.  Our store sells baby and toddler clothing and accessories, including diaper bags, blankets, shoes, and bibs.  I also do embroidery personalization on most of our products.

OK, so enough of the shameless self-promotion.  🙂  We have been really enjoying working together on this and are excited to see how it goes.  It has taken a lot of my time, leading me to see some things that are lacking in my life right now.  I’ll post later on my quest to find balance between my many different responsibilities.

All is well with the kids.  Elise is off of school for the summer and daily looks for things to do because she is “bored.”  🙂  She is learning that her brother is fun to play with sometimes.  They played “ball” the other day.  Their version involved Elise dropping a ball on Will’s head repetitively.  He didn’t seem to mind.  Will is getting into everything and learned how to crawl all the way up the stairs.  He is pretty confident that you can crawl down the same way, head first. . .   The pregnancy is going well.  I’ll try to scan in my ultrasounds sometime so you can have a look.  I am now 14 weeks along and feeling great most of the time.  In fact I hardly feel pregnant, though I am starting to look it.

I’ll update more later.  Feel free to check out our store either online or downtown.

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