John gone on mission trip.

For those of you that don’t know, John left this morning to go with our church youth group to the Dominican Republic.  They will be building a church building there and doing ministry services.  He’ll be gone through next Wednesday, so tonight I am trying to accustom myself to the idea of him not being here for that long.

During the days I think I will be so busy not to notice.  Well, except for when something goes wrong with the store or website, which I am running without him this week.  But hopefully things will run smoothly.  But in the evenings I get a bit depressed without him here, so you all can pray for me that I will stay upbeat.  And of course, pray for the mission trip that it will be successful (despite the many days of rain in the forecast) and that the team will stay safe.

Well, I better start wrapping things up so that I can get some sleep.  I am working the store tomorrow morning.  Oh, and thanks to everyone who is helping me with childcare when I need to be at the store this week.  It is a great help, and greatly needed with John gone.

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