Ultrasound update.

Thank you for all who prayed for my ultrasound this morning.  I needed those prayers as I was very nervous for some reason.

I hurriedly dropped off a grumpy Will at Laura’s this morning (I’m not sure if he is teething or fighting something, but he has not been himself so far this week).  Elise was dropped off by Nana right as I was leaving there (she spent the night at Nana’s last night).  I got to my appointment just a few minutes late.

Unfortunately I think the office was very busy today.  As I sat in the waiting room I started getting nervous for no apparent reason.  The baby was giving me some light kicks and I felt great.  I got called back pretty quickly and did the initial blood pressure and weight check.  I found out that I have not gained any weight this last month still.  So of course that got me to worrying more.  I sat in the nurses room for awhile waiting for the ultrasound room to be free, and then once I got in there had to wait even longer for the doctor to be free.  So there I was imagining all sorts of things I was sure the doctor would find when he did the ultrasound.

But it was all fine, of course.  At first the doctor thought he’d be doing another ultrasound next month because the baby was lying on his or her stomach and not giving him very good views of the heart or cord.  Though we got excellent views of the brain and spine, which looked great.  The legs were all tucked up under the baby and he or she was waving a little hand back and forth.  Just as the doctor was about to finish, the baby decided to be accommodating and flipped over giving a great view of the umbilical cord and heart.  Everything looks great.  The heart has 4 clear chambers and the doctor even showed me the working valves and the large aorta inside the baby.  The heart rate was beating very evenly at 155 beats a minute.  The doctor did size measurements to make sure we were on track with growth (something I was worried about with my lack of weight gain).  Baby measures 4 days small, which is perfectly within the normal range for this stage of the pregnancy.  The doctor will do another ultrasound in a couple months to check the development and growth again, but he is very happy with the images he got today and what he was able to see.  And he was very good at not giving away the sex (I’m not even sure he checked what it was, if he did he didn’t mark it down because he left gender marked as “not seen.”)

So, thanks for your prayers, I am feeling more at peace after that appointment.  I’m assuming this baby may be a bit smaller than Will was, just based on my weight gain and ease of pregnancy so far.  But that definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing seeing as he was one ounce shy of 9 lbs!  So I’ll keep eating and letting this baby do its own thing for now.  I can’t wait for the next 20 weeks to pass by so I can meet him or her.  I think this may be the first time I have actually felt anxious to get to the end, so that is an improvement as well.  Just keep praying for an easy delivery.

One thought on “Ultrasound update.

  1. Miriam,

    What an exciting ultrasound! God has shown you (and us) once again that HE is in control. We pray that you will rest in Him as He continues to prepare this little one for your family and His service.


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