Lessons of a 1 year old.

Will turns 1 this Saturday. It is hard to believe that he has been part of our family for one whole year! Here are some of the things he’s learned lately:

-Walking is easier than crawling.

-If you pull hard enough on the toilet handle the toilet will flush, and it works over and over again!

-The toilet is just the right size to give your teddy bear a bath in.

-Wet teddy bears are fun to suck on.

-If you blow on a whistle it makes a noise, but it is hard to do if you are smiling at the same time.

-What phones are for: to beep, hold on your shoulder, and say “hi” to. Every once in awhile a voice you recognize might answer back.

-Wii remotes are really fun to play with. (And also to chew on.)

-Mommy doesn’t like it when I play with wii remotes.

-If I scream really loud, people look at me.

-When my sister is bugging me the best thing to do is scream really loud.

-Screaming really loud sort of sounds like a cat’s meow, and so is the best method of communication with them.

-Dogs are nice, but also scary.

-Cows say moo.

-Soap doesn’t taste good, but the texture is nice.

-Cat food is a great snack when you are hungry and mom hasn’t fed you yet.

-When Mommy puts her hand under your chin, that means to spit out whatever is in your mouth. (Not sure why she does this, but it makes her happy if I do it.)

-Cars go “vroom,vroom” and bears go “Grrr.”

-If you are sitting in the sink and the faucet is on, you can get a drink pretty easily. Just be careful about getting water in your eyes.

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