Inner workings of a 5 year old’s mind and other items of interest.

There are so many times I think I should write down some of the things Elise says or does and then don’t, so tonight I am going to take the time to record at least one of them here.  You will hopefully be interested in what goes on in a 5 year old’s mind.

Elise has been very interested in what a casino is.  Especially since the Cherikee Casino finished their brand new fancy building complete with cascading waterfall, she has been asking plenty of questions.  One day she asked me to clarify what goes on there, and so I tried to explain it in the best way possible.  I told her that people played games there, but if you didn’t win the game then you lost money.  I tried to express my opinion that it wasn’t a good use of your time.  She mentioned that she had had a conversation with Daddy on the topic too.  Between his information and mine she had a pretty good picture that the casino was a place she shouldn’t go (and in her mind that no one should go).  She told me that someone should tell the people that worked there that it wasn’t nice to take other people’s money.  🙂  And so we had another conversation about the fact that not everyone thinks it is wrong.

Anyway, today (a couple week’s since our conversation), Elise was in the back of the car and started quietly crying.  She does this a lot, so I wasn’t too surprised, but I did ask her what was wrong.  Here are her words as well as I can remember them:  “I was thinking that I went to the casino place, but I didn’t win the games.  And then they took away all my money.”  (I was about to jump in and mention that she didn’t really have any money, until . . .) “And they came and broke my piggy bank.”

As you can probably tell, Elise is a bit over-dramatic.  Before Christmas she misunderstood something I said and thought that Will was only getting one present.  “But Mom,” she wailed, “He will be heartbroken!”
Life has been different as Will gets old enough to be more of an influence in his and Elise’s relationship.  Sibling relationships add a whole new dimension to our family.  Today Elise was crying because Will didn’t want to play with her.  She was convinced it was because she had not let him do something he had wanted.  I tried to explain it was just because he was hungry (instead of playing he was standing on the stool watching me make breakfast and trying to snag anything edible when I wasn’t looking), but she didn’t believe me.  She decided she wanted the stool and kept trying to ask Will if she could use it, which of course has no effect on a 17 month old.  The other day when I had told her she and Will couldn’t share the stool, she had tried to lure him away with his blanket, so she could jump back on it when he got off.  Since I had vetoed that method, she was resorting to continually asking him over and over again, which was getting on my nerves.  As Elise’s frustration rose as well, I ended up saying something short to Will because he had grabbed the dough I was working on.  Elise, I think seeing her chance to vent her anger and possibly getting away with it, jumped in and swatted Will on the bottom.  I turned around and swatted her on her bottom and sent her to her room.

At other times though, they get along together like little angels.  Well, maybe not angels, angels I think are probably quieter.  But they have fun together.  Running around with plastic toy containers on their heads, pretending a long cardboard tube is a horn, playing the piano, and dressing up, are all things they like to do together.

Will still doesn’t talk much, but every once in awhile he’ll spit out a word, which makes us all think he can talk more than he lets on.  He told Tio (Herbie) “thanks” when he handed him a drink.  He told Nana “hop, hop, hop” as they played with little rabbit cookies.  So, there are words in there, we just have to work hard to get them out.

Seth is doing well too.  He is quiet compared to the other two.  When they are yelling, he is usually quietly sleeping, or just observing the goings on in his quiet manner.  But don’t let him fool you completely.  Once the older kids are in bed and he has Mommy and Daddy to himself, he will often work himself into some of the worst screaming fits I have ever seen or heard.  Thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often.  Usually he is happy and contented and makes the cutest little cooing sounds.  He smiles all the time now, and is even trying to get a laugh out every so often.

He is sleeping a pretty good 6 hour chunk most nights.  His bedtime needs to be moved up a bit still, but we are all getting pretty good sleep.  He must be getting plenty of nutrition as 3 weeks ago he was 10 lbs 11 oz.  At almost 6 weeks, I am sure he has put on more.  I gave him a bath the other night and was delighted to see that his legs and arms are starting to chunk up a bit.

Well, this has gotten to be quite a long update.  I hope you all had a great Christmas, I know we did.  We are having issues posting pictures right now, but hopefully soon I can share some with you.

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