Misc updates

We have appointments for the boys now.  We will be going down to the Children’s Hospital June 19 to see the same cardiologist that cared for Emma.  I am excited to see him again, as he is a great doctor and a wonderful person.  I am looking forward to introducing him to Emma’s siblings.  Both boys will get EKG’s and a listen from the cardiologist.  At that point we will determine if they need echocardiograms or not.

Seth’s weight gain has still been a struggle, but we have hope now that he is past the slump and headed in a positive direction.  Last Monday I took him in and he had lost another ounce.  I was discouraged as we had started solids and I was hoping that would make the difference.  I tried over the next few days to work at being more patient with nursing (Seth gets distracted easily now, and takes forever to get a whole meal when nursing) and to up his solid food intake.  He had an appointment last Wednesday and he had gained  2 ounces in 2 days, so we were all encouraged.  We went ahead and did a blood test and urine test as well, just to rule out any other issues that can affect weight gain.  I have not heard any results from those, so I am assuming they were normal.  We will go in for another weight check next week to make sure he is still on the right track.  And of course we will keep our appointment on June 19th so that we can rule out any possible heart issues that might be affecting his growth.

Elise is as healthy as ever, and reading like a pro.  She really enjoys school, and I think is finally enjoying reading.  She also loves science experiments and playing outside.  She and Will play well together, as well as fight together.  They are pretty normal siblings and I know she would fight for the boys faster then she would fight with them.  She told me one morning that she had had a bad dream where she got hit by a car.  She said she dreamed Will had run out in the road and she got hit by a car because she ran out and saved him.
Will is doing great as well, though daily testing the boundaries, both physically and psychologically.  The other day he got outside by climbing through a window.  I am getting a bit paranoid about him now and have locked the second-story windows (because he is strong enough to open them and I am terrified of him falling out one) and try to keep the doors locked as well.  He does not obey right now, so we are working on that.  Hopefully I can stay consistent and we can nip this all in the bud and go back to having a compliant little son.  I was realizing today that the qualities I praise him for (being such a determined problem solver) are also the same qualities that so easily get him into trouble.  If he can get safely through toddlerhood, hopefully those qualities will be good in the long run.

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