Seth’s first meal with a spoon.

OK, this is long overdue, as it has been over a month since Seth starting eating solids, but I was downloading pictures from my camera and thought you all would enjoy them.  So here is Seth’s first experience eating rice cereal at almost 5 months old.

“How to Eat” by Seth Lein

Sethsfirstmeal1_web.jpg First you get all ready.  A bib should be worn at all times and you should check your seat to make sure you are safe and secure.


Make sure you have someone to help you.  It is especially helpful if they also know how to eat and can show you the right mouth movements.  Let the person helping you work the spoon, it is a pretty complicated tool.  

sethsfirstmeal3_web.jpg Keep a close eye on your food at all times.  You don’t want anyone to take it away because they think you aren’t interested.

sethsfirstmeal4_web.jpg Open your mouth wide when the spoon approaches.

sethsfirstmeal5_web.jpg Then swallow.


If you happen to get ahold of the spoon, you can try to manuever it to your mouth yourself.

sethsfirstmeal7_web.jpg This is really hard to do.

sethsfirstmeal8_web.jpg Really, really hard.

sethsfirstmeal9_web.jpg Sometimes using two hands will help.

sethsfirstmeal10_web.jpgDefinitely not recommended for beginners.

sethsfirstmeal11_web.jpg Whatever happens don’t let go of the spoon.

sethsfirstmeal12_web.jpg If you do, sometimes they don’t give it back.

sethsfirstmeal13_web.jpg When you are full, turn your head away so that they won’t keep feeding you.  It helps if you try to look really tired.

sethsfirstmeal14_web.jpg One last secret tip:  Try sucking your fingers while eating.  It helps the food go down and adds extra flavor.  My personal favorite method is the upside-down two finger suck, but you could probably use the thumb suck or the right-side-up two finger suck just as easily.  Good luck, and happy eating!

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