Seth’s new haircut and other accomplishments

Seth is now 6 months old.  I’m pretty sure that deserves a picture:

sethportrait6month_web.jpgThis one is so cute, I am pretty sure I will have grandparents emailing me wanting it printed.  🙂

Today, Seth got a haircut.  He’s had one trim before, but I had just cut the extremely long peices that were sticking out several inches farther than the rest of his hair.  He’s sported many trendy hairstyles in the last 6 months:
newbornhair.jpg Longish newborn hair

shortmohawk.jpg Short curly mohawk

longmohawk.jpg Long curly mohawk

Sethsfirstmeal1_web1.jpg Classic Toupee

messybedhead.jpg Messy Bedhead

sethshaircut2_web.jpg And now his latest, Fuzz All Over

And in other news, Seth can now crawl.  He started last week.  His version of crawling is a cross between the army crawl and the inchworm.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it done quite this way before.

sethlookingonfloor_web.jpg First, he looks to find something he shouldn’t have.

sethreachingonfloor_web.jpg Then he reaches as far as he can with one arm while pushing with his toes.

sethreachingonfloor2_web.jpg If he doesn’t quite get there in that movement, he’ll stretch the other arm forwards.  Sometimes he has to do some other complicated manuevering to get his arm out from under him since he always scoots right over it, sometimes almost toppling on his head.

sethandthemarker_web.jpg It always works though, he gets what he wanted with really very little effort.  His stomach doesn’t even have to leave the ground.

sethandthemarker2_web.jpg Then he enjoys it until something else catches his eye.

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