15 lbs 8 oz!

That’s how much Seth weighed this week.  Here’s how he rates on the growth charts:  10th percentile weight, 90th percentile height, 5th percentile head circumference (told you my kids have small heads).  It may still seem small, but it is a pound and a half over two weeks ago, so we are thrilled.  I guess that formula is really working.  I am a little bit sad because I have always wanted to make it to a year of nursing, and that doesn’t look like it is going to happen now, but seeing the obvious difference in his weight gain makes it all worth it.  He still nurses about 3 times a day (4 if I wake him at night, though I’m thinking of stopping that now that he is gaining since he hasn’t acted that hungry then).  And I do have to admit that bottle-feeding is a whole lot easier when Seth is with me at the store.  He will even hold the bottle himself now, so feeding has become a joy instead of an interruption from my work.  I feel a little guilty putting him down to eat all by himself, but he still gets plenty of attention.

Our cardiology appointments got changed.  We’ve been waiting two months for these appointments next Friday and I just got a letter telling me they had been rescheduled to July 1st, which is just after our California trip rather than before.  I have a call in waiting a reply to see if we are still seeing the doctor we had requested, or if that changed to.  Unfortunately July 1st is also a big day downtown as the AR Main Street people are in town and meeting with the retailers on Broadway Street.  This is definitely something we don’t want to miss.  If July 1st is our only option to see the doctor we want to see, then I will probably see if anyone will volunteer to go with me and the kids while John attends the meetings.  If we aren’t going to get to see that doctor anyway, I’ll probably just reschedule the appointment.  Anyway, just a heads up since I had told so many people we were going down next Friday.

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