The Arizona Adventure

This is my third attempt at writing a post for the blog.  My first one was entitled “The Joys of Traveling with Children” and I decided it was too much complaining.  🙂  The second one got erased on accident, so here is the third attempt.

We left Sunday morning from Tulsa, flying to Phoenix, AZ.  The kids did pretty well on the flight.  Seth had the most problems, but nursing finally got him to sleep.

We then drove to Flagstaff and stayed overnight in a cabin.  Monday we spent at the Grand Canyon and hiked down a bit into it.  Even Elise hiked with us and though it was a hard hike back up, we all made it.  I have to echo my Dad’s advice that it is a LOT harder to come back out than it is to go down into the canyon.  Always keep that in mind.  Elise recovered a lot quicker than I did though.  And of course, she is apparently too young to now be sore.

John took some pictures on his i-phone.  We unfortunately went off without the bag with the camera and video camera.  😦  I’ll get John to put up some of his pictures later.
Yesterday we drove half a day to get to Dana Point, CA, the location of the big family reunion.  It is fun to be surrounded by so many of John’s relatives that we don’t often get to see.  Last reunion was 10 years ago.  John and I were engaged, and there weren’t very many kidsa at the reunion.  Now we are surrounded by children; it is amazing what all can happen in 10 years.

As far as traveling with children, I’ll just say that it has been interesting for John and I sleeping in the same room with all three children, a two-hour time difference, and later than normal bedtimes.  Seth is also getting very unhappy with car rides, which is saying a lot since he is never unhappy.  I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.  🙂  They are enjoying the daytime activities and the people though, so we are enjoying our time immensley.

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