The California Adventure.

We drove from Arizona to Dana Point, CA where the big family reunion was held.  We had a good time exploring beautiful beaches and tide pools, taking walks in the beautiful CA weather, and visiting with relatives we haven’t seen in a long time.

Friday we took the day to visit Knotts Berry Farm.  Will’s favorite ride was the truck ride, where he got to sit and pretend to drive a semi.  He loved it and took it very seriously.  Elise loved the ferris wheel.  For me, I think my favorite part was the Wild West Stunt Show.  It was very well done, and very entertaining.

Saturday, John and I took the kids to the beach.  Seth got his first taste (quite literally) of sand.  He loved playing in it, though.  Will loved filling buckets with water and sand.  Elise played in the water and sand and of course didn’t want to leave.

Saturday afternoon we attended John’s grandparents 70th wedding anniversary.  Then Mark and Emily were kind enough to babysit Will and Elise so that John and I could take Seth and visit friends.

Then we all came home yesterday.  Unforunately, we all came home a bit sick.  I caught some sort of nasty stomach bug that hit me between flights coming home, Seth has had a cough almost all week, Will has a fever, Elise has a bit of a temp, and even John is now feeling sick.  But we had a great trip regardless.  Just pray we’ll start feeling normal soon so we can catch up with stuff here at home.

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