Change in plans.

Today was the day Will and Seth were scheduled for cardiology appointments in Little Rock.  Unfortunately, due to an untimely fever, the appointments are being rescheduled yet again.  I headed out this morning with the intention of going to the appointments, but called when I got to Nana’s house (where I was dropping off Elise) to confirm the appointments and see what their policy was on bringing a sick child.  Will had been sick with a high fever all night and I knew I didn’t want to pass anything on to any heart patients.  It turned out they were fine with Will coming, they said they might just ask him to wear a mask.  (I’m not sure how that would have worked out.)

I dropped off Elise and headed to Bekah’s to pick up her and Brennan since they were coming with us to help me with the two boys since John couldn’t make it.  While I was there, I got another call from the clinic, this time letting me know that they weren’t sure if the fever would affect Will’s tests.  So they asked me to wait while they double-checked with the cardiology nurse.  She called back a few minutes later and confirmed that yes, fever would throw off the results, so our appointments were cancelled.  I haven’t heard yet when they will be rescheduled.

I was frustrated as we’ve waited so long for these appointments, but if I go all the way there and pay for these expensive tests, I do want them to be the most accurate results possible.  Since we had a free day, I called and made an appointment for Will at the local clinic to see why he has been running a fever the last few days.  We all have colds, and it turned out that Will’s had turned into an ear infection, so he will now be on antibiotics.  I think there has only been once I haven’t taken Will in for a fever and found either an ear infection or strep, so I wasn’t too surprised.

The really good thing that has happened today because of all of this is that I have possibly greatly reduced my outstanding balance at the clinic.  I went to talk to them about it because I wasn’t sure the balance was correct.  It turns out that it most likely was (though I still need to do some checking on that), but they discovered another mistake they had made and decided that to make it right they would just write that part of my bill off.  Thank you so much to the doctor and financial people who had a part in that.  That will help us out a lot.  Plus, as I looked through the detailed printout the financial assistant had given me I realized that some of the charges on my account should probably have been paid by insurance.  So I called insurance and they believe that the automatic processing may have somehow missed these charges, so they are re-processing them for me.  So that is another large chunk out of our bill.  So, I guess I have to say I am glad to be home today instead of in Little Rock, since it meant I am sorting out bills.

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