Boys’ updates

I’m sorry I never updated here on the issues with the boys.  Little Rock never called us to reschedule the boys’ echos.  I tried once to call them and had to leave a message.  We got no reply.  This is frustrating, but because we were concerned in the first place with how we would be able to pay for these appointments, we decided to just wait and re-discuss all this with their regular doctor at their next well child appointments.  Seth turns one in a few weeks, so we can have the doctor listen to him again and see if he still recommends getting his heart checked before we pursue it further.

Will did have his hearing and speech evaluation.  His hearing is fine, which is great.  Though it is disappointing to pay $70 to have someone spend 10 minutes with your kid and then tell you they can hear.  🙂  But it was needed.  Will did great at his speech evaluation as well.  He worked diligently with the promise of getting to play with some new toys.  His results were basically that no, he doesn’t talk as much as he should, but he is really smart.  He passed the test, not because he can talk, but because he understood much more than his age level.  He was 85 % on speech, which is considered a mild delay, but he was 109% on understanding, which is ahead.  After averaging the two numbers, his score fell within normal bounds, and he will not qualify for speech therapy.  We had a good talk with the speech therapist, who gave me some instruction on how to encourage more vocalization and Will is slowly showing some improvement.  The best thing is all that was free.  🙂

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