Snow Day

It snowed today!

It snowed all day. The kids begged and begged, so we finally made a short excursion out into it. It was still coming down pretty heavy. John was cleaning off the car in an attempt to run some errands. Thankfully he was able to get out and do everything we needed.

It was the first time I’d let Seth stay out in the snow and he loved it. Of course he was probably dressed the best for it. Elise was ready to go in after a few minutes. Will, on the other hand (who I might mention had already snuck outside once today) was very upset when I dragged him inside. We all came back in after probably 15 minutes and enjoyed hot chocolate.

The secret to why I discourage outside snow excursions.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Your entryway looks like mine! We went sledding on Luke’s mom’s driveway this morning and then Jessica hitched the sled up to the dog for her to drag Timothy around this afternoon. We love snow!


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