Coming home to the "new house"

We officially moved in to our rental house on Saturday. It will take many weeks I am sure to unpack the piles of boxes that line the walls, but it is live-able at least. Each time now we head back home after errands or other short trips Will asks: “new house?” Everyone seems to be adjusting well to our new living arrangements. As far as I can tell here are everyone’s thoughts on the matter:

John has mentioned the quiet atmosphere of our new neighborhood. Though we are on the same street we were before, we are on the quieter end of town. Occasionally we get a noisy vehicle go by, or hear the train behind us, or can listen to excited kids as they arrive home from school. But overall, it is a quieter house than we are used to. He and I both have also mentioned that we enjoy the more compact living arrangement. Instead of being so spread out and compartmentalized, this house has one large living area and then bedrooms. It is still pretty big, but the layout makes it feel much more manageable. John has also shown great excitement over his garage. He’s already added some move-able shelving and started making plans for his work table.
I am loving my new office. Since John has moved to a downtown office for his work, I have the 4th bedroom for my work space. I have plenty of room for my sewing and computer work, all next to a great big window. The light is excellent, and the space is secluded enough to be quiet, yet close enough to kids that I can work while still keeping an ear out for trouble. I am also loving my upgraded refrigerator and my dining room that sits right next to the kitchen instead of around the corner.
Elise couldn’t be happier about her pink room. She instantly claimed it for herself and it was the only bedroom we didn’t need to repaint. She is thrilled to be able to disappear into her room to have some alone time, and she is convinced that she will sleep so much better now that she doesn’t have to share. She did actually fall asleep during naptime today, so maybe there is something to that theory.
Will is adjusting better than I expected, at least for now. He seems excited about his “woom,” which is painted “bue.” Both the big kids were thrilled to find out that the owners left the playhouse and trampoline in the back yard and they have been making good use of them. Will likes the garage too, as it has enough room to ride his tricycle around in.
As I expected, Seth hasn’t shown much preference to where he is. He is sleeping in the bue woom with Will. John’s making them a mini-bunk bed, but for now, Seth is in a play pen. He was extra grumpy today, but I think that had more to do with the busy weekend than with the new house.
Our cat is the perhaps who I worried about most with the move. I wasn’t sure she would survive, but even she seems to be adjusting quickly to her new living arrangements. We moved her litter box and food into the garage and she seems fine with that arrangement. She splits her time between the garage and the house quite happily and has actually even seemed more carefree, playful, and affectionate since the move. We are keeping her from the outside for now, until I can be sure she won’t take off for home, but I think she is going to be fine.

I’m sure we will all have times we will miss something about the “old house,” but I am not feeling as melancholy as I expected. I do still have to go over there to clean up our mess before we officially turn it over to the new owners, but it doesn’t really feel like home anymore with all the furniture and people here.

Thanks to everyone who helped us move. It was greatly appreciated!

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