You mash wash?

I thought I’d treat you to a tidbit of family conversation:

Will – “Wash gone? Wash gone?”
Me – “Will I don’t understand the words you are saying?”
Will – “Wash gone? Wash gone?”
Me – “Oh, you mean the wasp is gone?”
Will – “Yes” (after a closer look, I guess it wasn’t gone, because a few minutes later the conversation continues.)
Will to Elise – “You mash wash?”
Elise – “No, I would never do that!”
Will, picks up my flip flop that I had used minutes before to smash a spider with – “You mash Mom’s shoe. You mash wash please?”
Elise – “No, I wouldn’t do that, and your mom and dad won’t either”
Will – “Me mash wash?”
Elise – I didn’t hear her response, but I’m sure it was something discouraging his getting anywhere near a wasp.
Will – “You scare wash away?”
Elise – “No, I’m not getting anywhere near that wasp.”
Will – “Fine.”
Elise – “I don’t see the wasp anymore, I think it is safe to go outside now. Go ahead, I’m right behind you.” (as she gently pushes him first out the door).

2 thoughts on “You mash wash?

  1. That is awsome! Of course she pushed him out first beacuas, after all, aren’t boys supposed to protect girls (even if they are only 2 and she is 7?)
    Or, it’s the—you can get stung first.


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