More fun kid moments.

Elise Logic
Elise found a turtle the other day. She played with it all day and begged me to let her keep it in a box. I told her no, and warned her that it would probably be gone by morning. As expected, the next morning she ran out early and searched the whole yard, even checking the road and came back disappointed. “Well, she probably found a new home,” I said. “Mom,” she replied. “It is not a girl.” “How do you know?” I asked. “It is not a girl,” Elise said. “Because we named it Brandy.”

Will and Seth Antics
The other day I went to take a shower after breakfast, leaving the two boys alone in the kitchen. I knew this was asking for trouble, but I didn’t really think about it as I enjoyed my shower and got dressed. When I returned I found Seth sitting on the floor with John’s rice cereal box, eating cereal out of the bag. Will was nowhere in sight. Well, that’s not too bad, I thought, and put the cereal away. It wasn’t until a few moments later that I caught sight of the brownies without their lid. Careful inspection revealed a trail of brown chocolate crumbs from the kitchen all the way to Will’s room. I found him there hiding under his play table munching on as many brownies as he could carry in his hands, which thankfully, because they are really crumbly brownies, wasn’t very many.

Of course the brownies were nothing compared to this morning’s antics. Seth transitioned to a big boy bed yesterday and so this morning he didn’t have to wait for someone to get him up to start his day. Elise and I snuck out early to go on a walk (and even though I heard the boys up and moving around in their room we successfully made it out the door without them noticing). Partway through our walk, and a decent distance from home, Elise informed me she needed to go to the bathroom. So we cut the walk short and headed back home. Once there we discovered that the boys had decided not to wait on breakfast. Under their play table (apparently the place to hide food) there was the food processor (which I mostly use to shred cheese) plugged into the wall, a large block of cheddar cheese, and a tub of sour cream. All three items were quite messy, and the floor was decently bathed in sour cream and cheese chunks. I guess I should just be glad they didn’t cut their fingers on the food processor.

Elise’s question of the day

“Why do we have pictures on our panties when we can’t see them under our clothes?”

A lesson in Williamese
Will doesn’t believe in using negatives. At least not when making statements. He’ll say no quite readily when asked to do something or when asked a question. But if he were to say that he doesn’t like something, he phrases it like this: “Me like this.” The important thing is that he shakes his head while saying it and to him that is enough to show the negative on the statement. It gets a little confusing if you aren’t looking at him when he speaks.

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