Craft Time.

We’ve started a new craft time at our house. I know I sometimes tend to go through a day mostly only spending time with the kids when I have to. This means of course that many of our interactions are negative as they happen when I am trying to break up a fight, trying to get them to clean up their messes, or finding out what they’ve been doing so quietly for the last 5 minutes. To help remedy this, I put together a new schedule for the remainder of the summer and each morning for 30 minutes we all sit down and do a craft project together. Even Seth can get involved in many of the things and it gives Will a chance to develop a bit more fine-motor skills. Here are some pictures of one of the crafts we did this week. If you are looking for a fun, simple cheap idea for crafts, this was a good one. I bought the posterboard for just under a dollar each sheet (they might have even had cheaper ones, but I wanted the thick ones). Each kid got a sheet and they were able to do both sides of the sheet, so they got two different art pieces out of it. First, I had them lie down on the sheet to mark the head placement and did a few marks to mark the approximate size of their face. This was Seth’s favorite part of the whole thing, he kept lying down on his sheet wanting me to trace him again. After they got up, I made an oval where their face was and told them to draw their person or animal or design with the oval as the face. When they finished, we cut out the oval and ta da! They could dress up as whatever they created. Will and Seth both had help on their drawings, though on the side you can’t see of Will’s he has created an abstract art piece that actually is quite interesting when you add his face to it. (By the way, Will’s eyes are closed because he seems to think he’ll get a flash whenever I take a picture even though I hardly ever use the flash.)

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