Fun Conversations.

Elise: “Where is my pencil sharpener? It’s missing and I need it to sharpen my pencils.”
Me: “Well, think through where it might have been put.”
Elise: “It is always put back in the same place – in my craft box.”
Me: “Obviously not.”
Elise: “Yes it is, Mom! It is always put back where it belongs.”

#2. After picking our own peaches in a past the season orchard with an apparently very bored child, who complained most of the time we were there.
Me: “Did you have fun?”
Elise: “Yes.”
Me: “Really? Even after getting lost, having to go to the bathroom and being really thirsty?”
Elise: “Yep.”
Me: “Well, it was kind of hard to tell.”

#3. After Will sees me trying one of the peaches we brought home.
Will: “I want one! I want my own one.”
Me: “Here (cutting him a bite of mine), here’s your own one.”
Will: “No, I want my own big one from there (points to box).”
Me: “Well, try this piece first to see if you like it.”
Will: (Licks the piece) “Me no like this. Me have my own?”
Me: “If you don’t like that one, you won’t like your own.”
Will: “Why?”
Me: “Because they taste the same.”
Will: “Oh.”

#4. Will was trying to copy me by trying to get Seth to show off and say all the names he knows.
Will: Say Memaw Seth.
Seth: Mama
Will: Say Elise Seth.
Seth: Eese.
Will: Say Me Seth.
Seth (not even hesitating): Wull (that’s how he says Will)

#5. Elise finds a hangar that belongs in my closet.
Elise: Wow! Why is this hangar so big?
Me: That’s my hangar.
Elise: But why is it so big? My hangars aren’t this big.
Me: Because it is an adult hangar. Your hangars are kids hangars. I’m bigger than you, so my clothes are bigger than yours.
Elise (still apparently at awe at the sheer size of it): Well, this is like 3 times bigger than my hangars.

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