It’s cold outside!

Elise came in from her quick jaunt outside this morning and declared that she wasn’t playing outside because it was too cold! “Let me see,” says Will as he pokes his head out the door. “It is cold out there.” “Really,” I said, “Let’s open some windows.” As I opened windows that haven’t been opened for months except for the occasional few seconds needed to yell out them at the kids, Will asks why it is so cold. “It is starting to get close to fall,” I explained. “Elise!” he runs off yelling. “Elise! It is starting to be fall!”

I’m excited too. John and I had a little laugh over the kids complaints at the cold and explained that it isn’t really cold, it just feels cold after the really hot weather we’ve been having. Elise still insists that it is cold and is now wearing long sleeves and pants. I, on the other hand, have on shorts and a short sleeve shirt and am sitting completely comfortably on the couch enjoying the cool breeze airing out our house. It is so nice to be breathing real fresh air instead of the recycled air conditioning for once.

I love fall. It brings with it so many wonderful memories, and a few sad ones, so it is kind of a time of reflection for me. As soon as I smell a hint of fall in the air, my spirits lift and I feel like I could sing or dance. I needed that today. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling rather low emotionally, and it is nice to have something as simple as the change in the weather alter that mood.

I think today is the day to work on the school schedule. I’ve got to plan out the first few weeks of school and make sure we are ready to start in a week and a half. I’m still not sure how I will fit everything into my days since I still have a lot to do that is not school, but I’m excited. I’ve had a great summer break, but it is time to start again.

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