Green Flower Dress

I finished another dress for Elise. She picked out the fabric herself (she did a wonderful job as usual). I know it is very summery, but when we picked out the fabric and designed the dress it was still quite warm outside. I’m hoping she can still wear it this fall and winter with a cardigan and tights.

I had some issues with the dress as I decided to make it open in the front, but then didn’t allow for an opening in my waistband and skirt design. Thankfully she is skinny enough that she can slip into it with just the buttons in the front. I added a tie so she can tie it tighter once she gets it on. The buttons are off-center because I forgot to allow enough room when I cut it to allow for buttons and tried to fix that by adding a button stand. I just forgot until she tried it on that the way I did the button stand meant that it was only overlapping to one side instead of dividing the front right down the middle. Oh well. Maybe no one will notice . . .

The skirt is a circle skirt so it has lots of twirl ability, which of course was tested and heartily approved by Elise. I’m still working on getting collars put in nicely, so that might need a little work, but it turned out better than my last attempt at a girl’s collar.

All in all, there are some things I would do differently next time, but it was a great learning project for me, and turned out to be a very wearable dress for Elise.

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